Jiangsu Renhe Environmental Equipments Co., Ltd is China

gas turbine/comprossor/air separation application air intake filter element, filter house (Static, Pulse, Static+Pulse),

and air filter cartridge for dust collection, downflow cartridge dust collector, bin vent, bag house manufacturer.

Set up in 2006, while the founders are in filtration field with over 20 years experience.

Till now, she has 94 know-how employee, 18 state patents,

28000m2 workplant, one building for equipment workplant, the other building for filter element workplant,

and another plant for stainless steel dust collector manufacture.

Choose Renhe Filter Company, you can get reliable good quality product, filter solution, flexbile lead time, and even very attractive price.


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Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China.(214414)

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Filter Cartridge RH/XLC4-32 GT Filter House Downflow Dust Collector Static Filter House